About Us

This website was developed by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and is maintained by the Court Services Office, Programs Division, which manages the electronic public access program for the Federal Judiciary. The mission of the program is to facilitate and improve electronic public access to court information at a reasonable cost, in accordance with legislative and Judiciary policies, security requirements, and user demands. The Programs Division manages the development and maintenance of electronic public access systems in the Judiciary and, through the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Service Center, provides centralized billing, registration, and technical support services for the Judiciary and the public.

As mandated by Congress, the program is funded entirely through user fees set by the Judicial Conference. The fees are published in the Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule. The program generates fee revenue that is used to support ongoing program operations, development and maintenance costs associated with the CM/ECF systems used by the federal courts throughout the country. Revenue is also used to finance other expenses related to electronic public access to the courts in areas such as courtroom technology, electronic noticing in bankruptcy cases, and for web-based juror notification and processing.

The program reached a milestone in fiscal year 2015 surpassing two million user accounts. Besides court staff, users include members of the bar; city, state and federal employees; and the general public. In addition to collecting fees at the PACER Service Center, support staff field more than 150,000 help desk calls and respond to more than 50,000 support emails every year. These communications, if not handled by the PACER Service Center, would be directed to the courts.

Robert Lowney
Chief, Programs Division

David Stone
PACER Service Center Manager

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