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Court's NameEastern District of TEXAS [LIVE]
Software VersionCM/ECF-DC V6.2.2
ECF Go Live DateFebruary 2004
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Court Locations
Court's Name Eastern District of TEXAS [LIVE]
Court's Address Eastern District of Texas consists of 6 divisional offices.
Court's Phone Number Contact Divisional offices at the numbers listed below.
Court's Email Address Court's e-mail address
Court's Hours 8AM - 5PM, M-F
Court's Name Beaumont Division
Court's Address 300 Willow St., Beaumont, TX 77701
Court's Phone Number (409) 654-7000
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours
Court's Name Marshall Division
Court's Address 100 E. Houston, Marshall, TX 75670
Court's Phone Number (903) 935-2912
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours
Court's Name Sherman Division
Court's Address 101 E. Pecan, Sherman, TX 75090
Court's Phone Number (903) 892-2921
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours
Court's Name Texarkana Division
Court's Address 500 N. Stateline, Texarkana, TX 75504
Court's Phone Number (903) 794-8561
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours
Court's Name Tyler Division
Court's Address 211 W. Ferguson St., Tyler, TX 75702
Court's Phone Number (903) 590-1000
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours
Court's Name Lufkin Division
Court's Address 104 N. Third St., Lufkin, TX 75901
Court's Phone Number (936) 632-2739
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours

PACER Details
PACER's AddressPACER Service Center, P.O. Box 780549, San Antonio, TX 78278-0549
PACER's Phone Number(800) 676-6856 or (210) 301-6440 if residing in the San Antonio area
PACER's Email

Flag Definitions
2255Motion to Vacate (2255)
3JUDGE3 Judge Panel
ADMCLSAdministratively Closed
BENCHBench Trial
BNKCYBankruptcy Appeal
CAN1Judge Novack's Law Clerk 1
CAN2Judge Novack's Law Clerk 2
CAN3Judge Novack's Law Clerk 3
CASREFCase referred to Magistrate
CLASS-ACTIONClass Action Suit
CLOSEDCase Closed
CONSENTConsent to Magistrate
CONSOLConsolidated Member Case
DISCMAGReferral to Mag for Discovery
ENEEarly Neutral Evaluation
FALSE_MARKINGFalse Marking Patent Case
FILING-ERRORCase Opening Error by Attorney
FPDCNFLTFPD is conflicted out
FRCFederal Records Center
GIBCNFLTJudge Giblin Conflicted
HABEASHabeas Corpus
HARVEYHurricane Harvey
HAWCNFLTJudge Hawthorn Conflicted
IAPPLInterlocutory Appeal
IKEHurricane Ike Case
INITIAL_FEE_PDInitial Partial Filing Fee Paid
INTERPInterpreter Appointed
JCB1Judge Barker's Law Clerk 1
JCB2Judge Barker's Law Clerk 2
JCB3Judge Barker's Law Clerk 3
JDK1Judge Kernodle's Law Clerk 1
JDK2Judge Kernodle's Law Clerk 2
JDK3Judge Kernodle's Law Clerk 3
JDL1Judge Love's Law Clerk 1
JDL2Judge Love's Law Clerk 2
JDL3Judge Love's Law Clerk 3
JRG1Judge Gilstrap's Law Clerk 1
JRG2Judge Gilstrap's Law Clerk 2
JRG3Judge Gilstrap's Law Clerk 3
JRG4Judge Gilstrap's Law Clerk 4
JURYJury Trial
KCJLC1Judge Johnsons Law Clerk 1
KCJLC2Judge Johnsons Law Clerk 2
KCJLC3Judge Johnsons Law Clerk 3
KNM1Judge Mitchell: Law Clerk 1
KNM2Judge Mitchell: Law Clerk 2
KNM3Judge Mitchell: Law Clerk 3
LCLaw Clerk - Terri Good
LEADConsolidated Lead Case
LED1Davis LC 1
LED2Davis LC 2
LED3Davis LC 3
MAGCase Referred to Magistrate
MANREFManual Referral
MARKMANREFClaim Construction Referral
MASTERMaster Docket - MDL Case
MDLMulti-District Litigation
MEDCANMediator Judge Nowak
MEDCMCMediator Judge Craven
MEDJDLMediator Judge Love
MEDJKGMediator Judge Guthrie
MEDKCJMediator Judge Johnson
MEDKFGMediator Judge Giblin
MEDKNMMediator Judge Mitchell
MEDZHMediator Judge Hawthorn
MJSELECTMagistrate Judge Selected
MOTREFMotion referred
MREFCCMotion Referred to Judge Craven
MREFCEMotion Referred to Magistrate Everingham
MREFDBMotion Referred to Judge Bush
MREFEHMotion Referred to Judge Hines
MREFJGMotion Referred to Judge Guthrie
MREFJLMotion Referred to Judge Love
MREFZHMotion Referred to Judge Hawthorne
NODOCSNo Documents to be Filed
PROSEPro Se Case
REFPLRefer Plea to Mag
REOPENReopened Case
SA1Staff Attorney - Jonathan Ernest
SA2Staff Attorney - Cela Cunniff
SA3Staff Attorney - Laurelyn Schaefer
SA4Staff Attorney
SA5Staff Attorney - David Austin
SA6Staff Attorney - Bill Dick
SA7Staff Attorney - Kim Bailey
SA8Staff Attorney - Kelly Henry
SCHELL-ShermanJudge Schell's Sherman Caseload
SDJ1Judge Jordan's Law Clerk 1
SDJ2Judge Jordan's Law Clerk 2
SDJ3Judge Jordan's Law Clerk 3
SEALEDCase Sealed
SMSpecial Master
STAYDDLSStay Deadlines
STAYDSStay of Discovery
STAYEDCase Stayed
STAYEXStay of Execution
TRACKBTrack B Initial Patent Case Management
TransEveringhamTransfer From Everingham
TransWardTransfer From Ward