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Court Details
Court's NameWestern District of Washington
Software VersionNextGen CM/ECF Release 1.3 (Revision 1.3.5)
ECF Go Live DateMay 16, 2001
Maximum PDF File Size10.0
Maximum Merge Document Size10
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Court Locations
Court's Name Western District of Washington
Court's Address Suite 6301, 700 Stewart St., Seattle, Washington, 98101
Court's Phone Number 206-370-5200
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
Court's Name Western District of Washington Tacoma
Court's Address Union Station, 1717 Pacific Ave, #2100, Tacoma, WA 98402
Court's Phone Number 253-882-3900
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours

PACER Details
PACER's AddressPACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER's Phone Number800-676-6856
PACER's Email

Flag Definitions
707U.S. Trustee's 707 Motion for Fraud
707(b)Presumption of Abuse under 707
727727 Complaint Filed
APLDISTAppeal to District Court
APPEALNotice of Appeal
BPPBankruptcy Petition Preparer
BarredBarred Debtor
CLMAGTClaims Agent
CLOSEDCase Closed
ChamNoteChambers Note
ConsMemConsolidated Member
CostsDueCosts Due
CounDueCredit Counseling Due
CounDueJtCredit Counseling Due Joint Debtor
CredAddAdd Creditor to Matrix
CredCounCertification of Credit Counseling
DbBN-DeactivatedDebtor BNC Notice Deactivated
DeBN-YesDebtor Requested Electronic BNC Notice
DebtEdFinancial Mgmt - Debtor Education Certificate Due
DebtEdJtFinancial Mgmt - Debtor Education Certificate Due Joint Debtor
DirAplDirect Appeal to Circuit Court
DomDomestic Support
DomJtDomestic Support Joint Filer
FeeDueINSTInstallment Payment Due
HISTORICAL-PERMANENTHistorical-Permanent Record
IFPIFP fee Waived
IneligCloseDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto close
IneligDischDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto discharge
IneligNtcDebtor Ineligible for Discharge Notice
JuryJury Demand
LEADLead Case
MEANSNONo presumption of abuse
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard
MEANSUPresumption of abuse unknown
MEANSYESPresumption of abuse exists
NoAutoDischDo not allow Auto Discharge for this case
OBJDISCHObjection to Discharge
OvrrideOverride Creditor Address
PERMPermanent File
PRVDISCHPreviously Discharged
PRVDISMPreviously Dismissed
ProSeESROpened from an eSR package
REAFReaffirmation Agreement Set for Hearing
ReafHdShpReaffirmation Hardship
RepeatRepeat Filer
Repeat-WAWBprior BK filing within this court
RepeatPACERprior BK filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
ReqSepNtcDebtor's Request for Separate Notice
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusSmall Business
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
TaxReqTax Return Request
USTAudNoCloseAudit Case
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package